Local company unveils product

A Vernon-based company has announced the official Canadian release of its flagship product.

Infuse Your Life Health Products has launched G-Cubed, a cardiovascular beverage enhancer.

“After four years of research and development, we couldn’t be happier with the product,” said Clint Richter, company vice-president.

“We strongly believe we have the most versatile product on the market today that stands apart in both its quality and effectiveness. We set out to create a new standard with full transparency and the wellbeing of customers in the forefront, and we are proud to say we have maintained that.”

Moving forward, Infuse Your Life Health Products has partnered with Kevin Hill, a Canadian Olympic snowboarder, X-Games gold medalist and Vernon local.

The goal is to change the way people think about health products and beverages, combining the two into a single formulated product.

“I am very excited to be working with a company that has such passion for life and healthy living like I do,” said Hill.

“I love G-Cubed because, as a health product, it’s a great addition to my plant based lifestyle. It gives me the energy, focus, and recovery that I demand while training and competing. As an athlete who is tested regularly by the Anti-Doping Agency, I know I can incorporate G-Cubed into my diet and not worry about being flagged for banned substances because of its plant based formulation.”