Social media blues

Columnist contemplates taking break from social media

Star Gazing: Everything you need to know about Mercury

Ken Tapping is an astronomer with the NRC’s Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, Penticton

  • Nov 14th, 2017

B.C. VIEWS: Dam decision a big test for NDP

Alternatives to completing Site C not pleasant for John Horgan

Star Gazing: Piecing together the solar system

Astronomer Ken Tapping from the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory in Penticton

  • Nov 7th, 2017

Okanagan Taste: Hot drinks for the cold season

It seemed appropriate, as I reach for a tissue, to come up with hot drinks for the cold season

  • Nov 6th, 2017

B.C. VIEWS: The limits of Indigenous rights

Jumbo Glacier Resort decision a harsh lesson for John Horgan

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Flagger hit
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Ukraine Bakery
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Housing announcement

    Michaels: What should the university do to engage more local students?

    University gets close examination from one of its profs

    Winter sneaks in early in the North Okanagan

    Year after year, that first snowfall of the season always comes as a shock

    B.C. VIEWS: Myths of our marine environment

    MLA Lana Popham a long-time salmon farm protester

    GUEST COLUMN: B.C. should learn from Norway’s example

    B.C. salmon farming pioneer returns from European tour

    • Oct 25th, 2017

    Star Gazing: Colliding stars

    Astronomer Ken Tapping with the NRC’s Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, Penticton

    • Oct 24th, 2017

    B.C. VIEWS: Horgan fumbles salmon farm threat

    Agriculture Minister Lana Popham falls for propaganda

    Okanagan Taste: Snacks and what to pair with them

    Your guide to for the go-to snacks and beverage pairings for sports season

    • Oct 21st, 2017

    Auntie Says: Don’t bring your dope to my house

    Don’t judge me and I won’t judge you, but if you try and smoke at my house, you’ll be asked to leave

    • Oct 20th, 2017

    Michaels: The case for a little less #MeToo and a little more, ‘it’s them’

    It shouldn’t be women’s responsibility to continually point out the prevalence of predatory behaviour.

    Star Gazing: Iron is important stuff

    Ken Tapping is an astronomer with the NRC’s Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory

    • Oct 17th, 2017

    Don’t be a statistic: Stay safe this fall

    Fall is known as a bad time for pedestrian accidents in Kelowna and across the Sourthern Interior

    • Oct 17th, 2017

    B.C. VIEWS: Salmon farm smear campaign sinks

    John Horgan, Lana Popham have to face reality now