Sprockids gets in gear

Submitted Photo Sprockids is a cycling program for kids which runs every Monday at 4 p.m. with the next two sessions taking place at Silver Star Elementary.

A cycling program for elementary school kids is proving very popular in Vernon.

Olympia Cycle and Ski, in conjunction with Giant Bicycles, sponsor the Sprockids Program, running every Monday at 4 p.m. until June 12.

The next two sessions are being held at Silver Star Elementary.

The program is for kids aged five-to-13.

“This is our fourth year and we have a full program of 137 kids,” said spokesperson Peter Dorey. “We had hoped to accommodate more but we had to cap it.”

The idea behind Sprockids is getting kids to ride their bikes with their families and with their friends.

“Sprockids’ mission is to give young people the chance to develop the skills, values and strategies that will guide them through their lives, and enable them to successfully reach their full potential,” said spokesperson Neil Sawatzky of Olympia Cycle and Ski.

Sprockids focuses on four skill areas for cycling: safety, etiquette, riding skills and bicycle maintenance.

The kids are led by 35 trained, experienced coaches that provide quality lessons.

After Silver Star Elementary, the program will spend a few weeks on the trails in Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park.