A sound of the ages

The 25th annual Salmon Arm Roots and Blues a sonic success

The blues isn’t a music that is simply listened to — it’s a music that is felt.

Nowhere is this more clear than at the 25th annual Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival. Thousands of people from all walks of life descended upon the small Shuswap town Aug. 18-20 to hear the soulful sounds of roots, blues, country, folk and a blend of other sonic offerings.

Whether it’s the smooth class that Booker T. Jones embodies, or the powerful and emotional grit of Chicago blues legend John Primer of the Muddy Waters band fame, or the upbeat and danceable Celtic grooves of McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle, the annual festival has something to offer audiences of all ages and musical backgrounds.

While baby boomers who have been following Booker T or John Primer since the ’60s feel the sonic sounds, their middle-aged children sway to the music, and their grandchildren who are knee-high to a grasshopper run about the festival grounds, and it’s clear that everyone present is not only enjoying the concert, but feeling the music.

With music legends, welcoming volunteers, and more food trucks than you can shake a stick at, Salmon Arm Roots and Blues captured the festival ambiance and emotion perfectly.

And that’s what the blues is all about.