Manfred Harter sits with his guitar, pondering the future of his show Manfred’s Guitar. (Parker Crook/Morning Star)

Manfred’s Guitar seeks local talent

What once appeared as a popular Shaw TV show has now had its second live-action performance

What once appeared as a popular Okanagan-born Shaw TV show has now had its second live-action performance.

Manfred’s Guitar, hosted monthly at Gallery Vertigo, is searching for additional talented musicians to join the ranks and appear on stage to perform.

“We are interested in up and coming people that would like to have the opportunity to come play here,” said founder Manfred Harter.

The show, which aired for roughly seven years, brought in artists from across the Okanagan to perform. The fans asked Harter why it had stopped, so he brought it back. This time, however, it’s all live.

“I’m thrilled to death to be doing this,” said Harter. “I’ve done a lot of things. I don’t feel it’s necessary to stop. I’m not dead yet.”

Manfred’s Guitar gives musicians the chance to play on a proper stage, instead of the ordinary coffeehouse open mics, Harter said.

“When you’re on the stage, your clothes are off. There’s no turning back. But the audience is generally forgiving.”

Harter is interested in any single musicians or small groups who are able to play a 30 minute set. Pay is offered to artists in the form of honorariums.

For more information, call Gallery Vertigo at 250-503-2297 or visit the gallery at 102-3105 28th Ave. Wednesday afternoons and ask for Harter.