Vancouver’s CRNKSHFT is bringing its heavy metal grooves to Vernon’s Status Nightclub Sept. 8. (Photo submitted)

Metal grooves at Status Nightclub

Make heavy metal music, or a hard knocking musical punch, accessible to the masses

Make heavy metal music, or a hard knocking musical punch, accessible to the masses.

That’s the goal of Vancouver’s CRNKSHFT, who is bringing its blend of metal and rock ditties to Vernon’s Status Nightclub Sept. 8.

With a sound described as Pantera meets Alice in Chains, the group’s debut self-titled four track EP dropped recently with their goal of metal accessibility in mind.

“Our new EP is a beast. We are really excited to showcase our melodic side,” said CRNKSHFT singer Shane Jolie. “The four songs should touch a wide demographic of fans, which is what we want. We aren’t looking to be defined as just a heavy metal band, but as a hard knocking punch to get anyone going. We’re accepted by all those who listen to metal and rock. The whole idea of CRNKSHFT’s music is that we’ll be enjoyed by fans across a variety of genres.”

Moreover, Jolie embeds a wide-reaching message in CRNKSHFT’s lyrics.

“This EP is pseudo-political, but also has songs about heartache and emotions,” Jolie said. “It’s not a story from start to finish, and each song has its own message. It’s an EP to show the world who we are and what we’re all about. My writing is dark, ideas came from depression and anger, and sometimes when I’m happy, but mostly not and it’s still very true to this day. I want people to take whatever they can from the listening experience of our new EP. Music always helped me out of my funks and I want CRNKSHFT to do the same. Let it be accessible to all people and all feelings.”

With the idea of range in mind, CRNKSHFT blends multiple genres together to create their unique pick-me-up sound, reminiscent of classic heavy metal but with a modern rock twist.

“It’s so many different styles,” Jolie said of the band’s sound, adding that he plays acoustic jams on the side. “We just kind of jive. Heavy Metal has kind of been the core, but it’s got a little bit of everything.”

And it’s a sound Jolie is excited to take on tour.

“We decided just to put the songs out there, getting them jazzed about the tour,” Jolie said.

The tour stretches as far east as Montreal, making this tour the biggest CRNKSHFT has embarked on in its more than two year history with the current lineup.

“This is what you want to do,” Jolie said of the tour. “That’s why I moved from the Okanagan to Vancouver. Hitting the road is more fun than playing at home. It’s a lot of fun.”

However, Jolie, who is originally from Vernon, can’t wait for his inaugural show in his hometown.

“I grew up in Vernon, so it’s kind of a bit of a homecoming,” Jolie said, adding that old friends and family will ve in attendance. “It’s going to be a hell of a show — insanely high energy. We try not to let it get too slow with people standing around doing nothing. We keep it pedal to the metal.”

After the tour, CRNKSHFT heads back to the Lower Mainland to hit the studio and release more tracks.

And while they’re looking forward to releasing new content, for CRNKSHFT, it’s all about the performance.

“My favourite thing is when the song is done and the crowd goes wild. It’s vindicated,” Jolie said. It’ll make the hairs stand up on your neck.”

CRNKSHFT takes the Status Nightclub stage in Vernon Sept. 8. Doors at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door.