Butter tarts shine at festival

Lumby brings out its best butter tarts

  • Sun Aug 27th, 2017 3:30am
  • Life

Lumby is gearing up for one of its tastiest events of the year, with the third annual Butter Tart Festival &Contest.

This year’s festival Sept. 9 promises to feature even more delicious traditional and exotic butter tarts and more great community involvement.

“Lumby Village is known for its big heart,” said Donna Easto, chairman of the Lumby Public Market Society, which hosts the festival. “In addition to market vendors, non-profit organizations will be selling butter tarts to raise funds for worthwhile local projects.”

This year’s Best Homemade Butter Tart Contest (traditional and non-traditional) is sponsored by Rogers Foods Ltd. All proceeds from the contest, after expenses, will be donated to a local charity. Judging begins at 9 a.m. sharp; come out to cheer on your favourite home baker – look for the big blue tent in Whitevalley Community Park.

“Butter tarts sell out very quickly on festival day,” Easto. “Want to make sure you get butter tarts, or support your favourite non-profit organization? You can pre-order traditional style tarts from the website at www.lumbymarket.com and you’ll be able to claim them at the festival on September 9 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.”

The Lumby Public Market Society is a non-profit organization that makes a point of giving back to the community. This year’s festival features a number of non-profit groups, including Lumby &District Health Services Society, the Lumby Museum, North Okanagan Gleaners, and All Saints Church, offering tarts and other baked goods as part of their fundraising activities. Monashee Co-op and the Lumby United Church will be doing the same, but at their own locations.

“With Ida’s Bakery and Jitter Beans getting into the fun, we’ll soon have the makings of a butter tart tour of Lumby,” said Easto. “And we mustn’t forget the Monashee Arts Council sale of gently used arts and crafts supplies/equipment that’s being held at the same time at the Village Gallery.”

For more information check the website or e-mail lumbypublicmarket@gmail.com or call 778-473-2226.