Grade 3 students Jacob Girard and Jamis Jackson joke with senior Paul Betker over a Darth Vader hat during a visit from Grade 2 and 3 Beairsto elementary school students to the Victorian Retirement Residence in Vernon. (Bretany Tourout/Morning Star)

Children make connections with seniors

Seniors and students sit down to look at old and new personal photographs

  • Sun Jul 2nd, 2017 1:30am
  • Life

Students and seniors come together for a stroll down memory lane.

Grade 2 and 3 classes from Beairsto Elementary School joined the seniors at the Victorian Retirement Residence to flip through photo albums Monday.

The groups meet twice a month, and this time the seniors were meant to visit the school, but transportation issues made for a last minute change of plans and the students did the travelling.

“These sessions give the seniors opportunity for more connection with the outer world,” said teacher Anita Baturin. “What’s also nice for my students is that this activity follows the core competencies in the new education curriculum.”

The activities vary each time between crafts and reading, but this time the students opened the meeting by performing their original song to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

Grade 2 student Calie Dube volunteered to tell the seniors about the importance of the song.

“It’s so special because it’s about our country,” said Dube.

Baturin said the joy in the room is infectious and the development of character that happens in the students has a positive outcome in their lives.

Her hopes for the students and seniors are to keep in contact over the summer with those who made connections, and Baturin assures the program will start back up in the fall.

“My hope is for other schools to be inspired as well and to perhaps follow this example,” she said.