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Judy Guido shares what she has learned through more than 35 years of involvement with the Inner Peace Movement of Canada. She will present two lectures in Vernon on Jan. 15. - photo submitted
Judy Guido shares what she has learned through more than 35 years of involvement with the Inner Peace Movement of Canada. She will present two lectures in Vernon on Jan. 15.
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The secret to keeping life simple, joyful and fun is not something Judy Guido wants to keep to herself.

As an instructor with the Inner Peace Movement of Canada, Guido helps to inspire people to believe in themselves and to live their potential by realizing there is no limit to what they can accomplish.

“The Inner Peace Movement is just groups of people around the world who want to learn more about themselves and to grow,” said Guido. “The whole emphasis is on helping people learn to trust themselves and to realize that we all have the answers within.”

Guido, who lives in Oyama but tours across the country facilitating workshops, will present two talks in Vernon next week.

“The emphasis in the talks is on why we are here and how teamwork in action sets the stage for prosperity and fulfillment, she said. “The truth we seek is a unique and personal adventure and the best way to find our truth is participation with others.

“As we learn to trust ourselves and the power of team, we set the stage for prosperity and fulfillment. Everything changes and nothing is stagnant and when we realize the meaningful qualities we see in others are facets of ourselves then we release competition and embrace cooperation.”

The Inner Peace Movement of Canada (IPM) is a non-profit educational program that helps people recognize their true worth and be involved in a positive, constructive way with their loved ones, their community and themselves.

Founded in 1964 by Dr. Francisco Coll, the IPM has expanded to more than 40 countries and currently has active programs in Canada, Europe, Australia and the United States.

Guido has been involved with the IPM for more than 35 years and has worked with people from all walks of life to expand their potential using practical tools and techniques for better living.

Growing up in Vancouver, she was like many other teens: searching for answers but rebelling against authority.

But when a friend suggested she attend an IPM lecture, she came away with the knowledge that she was her own greatest authority.

“I needed to learn to trust myself, I had all the answers within and I then had nothing to rebel against; others could assist me but it came from me.”

The IPM is a practical program, said Guido, giving people a push in the right direction. More than ever, she believes people are searching for answers, for why they are here, and how they can be of service to others.

“There really does seem to be a feeling of desperation and we can’t help but feel affected by what’s going on around us. People are desperate to find ways to be of service.

“By coming to the lectures, people are going to get the basic facts for themselves, they’re going to understand that we’re here on planet earth, learning about ourselves and growing spiritually, and one of those ways is interaction with people, and it’s through interaction with people that we find out about ourselves.”

Guido said during the lectures, people will gain more understanding about their life purpose, the seven-year cycles of life, and communication with their team of guardian angels. They will also hear about the four spiritual avenues of communication: intuition where you may “hear” messages from your angels; vision when you may “see” pictures and visions in your mind’s eye; prophecy where you may just know what will happen next; and feeling when you bring healing through touch.

“One of the other things is to help people develop that balance of thought and feeling. If we let our intellect rule, we’re always analyzing everything; if we’re all heart and no head, we do everything for everybody else; we need to have that balance so we’re loyal to ourselves first.”

When Guido first began touring full-time, her son and daughter were in their teens and she worried about everything from getting the laundry done to making dinner.

“But my touring helped them learn to be independent — this is a very practical program that has helped me through the years in all areas, and it really helped me in raising my kids (now grown),” said Guido, who came to the Okanagan in 1991 when her husband decided to go into business for himself. “We ended up on the orchard that my mother and father-in-law had lived on. I got plucked from the city to an orchard and had to learn — it was a tremendous lesson for me.”

A certified consultant, instructor and national director with the IPM, Guido is also a member of her local Rotary Club and Trails Development Team. In the winter, she tends to stay closer to home, but once the snow melts, she’ll resume her touring, particularly to Canada’s Prairie provinces.

“It’s been very exciting and beneficial to me to experience Saskatchewan and Manitoba, so it’s been a great experience. People are hungry and they are looking for solutions, and getting back to how to be of service, to help themselves or loved ones or community.

“One area we are emphasizing is teamwork; everything is easier when I work with a team; no matter the situation, there is always a team;  a family that runs well is a family that works as a team.

“My forte on a team is to spearhead and break ground, but there are others on the team who are exceptional communicators and who can communicate the ideas and get others inspired. We can apply that to every facet of our life: to our home life, to our work life.”

Guido’s talks for the Inner Peace Movement of Canada take place Jan. 15 at the Holiday Inn Express in Vernon, 4716-34th St., at 1 p.m. and again at 7 p.m. All are welcome to the 90-minute talks, and admission is $16 at the door. For more information, please visit the web site at

“Practice makes perfect, so before I leave any area, I help people to form study groups — it’s not a program of gurus. People can work with this ongoing in the community, at workshops and seminars, winter camps and summer camps; if people come to the lecture, there is nothing to join.

“All facets of our lives is to learn from all things we do. Whatever you do, ask yourself what you’re learning and how are you growing.”


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