Dennon Leibel and Ron Riechelt are the new client service ambassadors at Vernon Jubilee Hospital. (photo submitted)

Ambassadors added to VJH security

  • Fri Jun 23rd, 2017 11:00am
  • News

There will be enhanced security at Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

A client service ambassador program is being implemented by the Interior Health Authority.

“When caring for people who are in emotional, vulnerable, and stressful situations, their actions can be unpredictable and may include violence or aggression. This program is a good example of ways in which we are taking action to prevent and better respond to violent incidents,” said John O’Fee, IHA chairperson.

Although they are security employees, the ambassadors’ role differs from that of security officers. They are more casually dressed, and are integrated with the emergency department team.

“They work proactively with patients, visitors, and others in the department to avoid and mitigate incidents of aggression,” said O’Fee.

“If an incident arises they are able to step in and mitigate potential violence. This special training is developed and provided by security provider Paladin, in addition to the regular provincial violence prevention curriculum and other education.”