Armstrong directs funds to projects

On-hold project funds diverted to help with three items in 2017

Kevin Bertles Kevin Bertles

Funds earmarked for a now-on-hold capital project in Armstrong will, instead, be used for three new projects.

Due to issues preventing completion of works for the 2017 Willowdale Drive and Patterson Avenue capital projects, council voted in June to defer those projects to 2018, with tenders for the project going out in January.

The projects total $1,129,800, with monies coming from roads funding, gas taxes and sewer reserves.

Council, however, voted at a special meeting Tuesday on a recommendation from the finance committee to use those funds, which were allocated to the city’s capital reserve, this year.

“A reallocation of those project funds will allow the city to complete water and wastewater repair works, and to fund a new crosswalk this year,” said chief financial officer Kevin Bertles.

The funds will now allow the city to make critical upgrades to the Fortune Creek water intake systems; add a crosswalk at 2805 Smith Drive and start repairs to the Thomas Hayes reservoir.

“In 2018 the Patterson / Willowdale project will be re-budgeted and brought forward for approval,” said Mayor Chris Pieper.