Kyle McCormack, Libertarian Party candidate

BC ELECTION 2017: BC Libertarian Party candidate responds

Question: What plans do you have to improve the economy while protecting the environment?

  • Thu Apr 27th, 2017 2:14pm
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The BC Libertarian Party has a robust platform with multiple plans to enhance the BC economy by removing needless prohibitions on business.

Our Platform For Choice is designed to shatter wasteful government monopolies on auto insurance by opening up the market to private competition, just like Alberta has done. This will immediately make room for new job opportunities and will dramatically lower costs for the consumer. We will also look to de-monopolize and deregulate BC Hydro, Translink, BC Ferries, WorkSafeBC, BCLC, and BC Liquor. For a start. Government has always been an incompetent manager of our economy, yet we have surrendered huge sectors of our economy to total government control. We believe in the choices made by millions of creative and innovative British Columbians, not the dictates of a few bureaucrats. We need to take our economy back instead of waiting for government to lie to us again about how it plans to “create” those jobs out of thin air.”

Our philosophy means that every dime will have to be justified before it is spent and that we are constantly on the hunt for both waste and corruption… something the current government just courts and celebrates.