Motorists make their way over the speed humps recently installed on Kalamalka Road near Coldstream Elementary. (Morning Star File Photo)

Bump in the road

More speed humps popping up in Coldstream

Speed humps are becoming a common feature in Coldstream.

The district will install the speed control features on Sage Drive, by Briar and Primrose drives.

Residents of the area presented a petition, signed by 19 neighbours, in favour of speed humps to control speed and protect members of the community.

Since Coldstream already has speed humps on Postill Drive and Coldstream Creek Road, there is a concern they could start popping up everywhere.

“I’m somewhat concerned that we’re going to end up with them all over, or a request for them,” said Coun. Richard Enns.

Rail opportunities on track

Coldstream residents are getting on board with tourism opportunities being driven in by the Okanagan Rail Trail.

With increased tourism on track with the new trail, several nearby homeowners are opening their homes as bed and breakfasts.

“We’ve had several of these over the last several months,” said Michael Reiley, Coldstream’s director of development.

“Mainly people seeing an opportunity to provide accommodations to those using the rail trail.”

Rental rates rise

Recreational fees are climbing in Coldstream, as are increased opportunities.

A 2.6 per cent rental rate increase will come in effect in 2017 for facilities such as tennis courts, sports fields and parks. The increase has remained consistent since 2014 (climbing 2.6 per cent every season). The only exception is Lavington Park, where rates are not increasing for special events.

Coldstream is also looking at allowing camping at parks and how to incorporate camping fees within the bylaw. The district is looking at what other communities do, using Armstrong as an example.

“They don’t allow camping unless it’s specific for an event that is organized,” said Trevor Seibel, Coldstream’s chief administrative officer.

A rate of $17 per stall is being looked at for camping.

Vendors are also being considered.