City releases salary figures

ARMSTRONG: The city’s 2016 annual report is out and includes council remuneration

Armstrong council kept a tight rein on expenses last year.

The city released its 2016 annual report, a 49-page document that highlights what happened in the city during the year, and financial statements that include council’s remuneration and expenses, as well as city employees who make more than $75,000 per year.

“The efforts of each employee are critical to the city’s success,” said city administrator Melinda Stickney.

“I am grateful for the dedicated staff whose commitment and professionalism support the CAO and council’s objectives.”

Mayor Chris Pieper made $22,466 and had $1,868 in expenses.

Longtime councillor Ron (Sully) O’Sullivan died in office in May. O’Sullivan collected $6,392 in salary and claimed $300 in expenses.

A byelection was held in November, and won by Gary Froats who made $1,065 in salary for his month in office in 2016, and had no expenses.

The five other councillors – Paul Britton, Steven Drapala, Linda Fisher, Shirley Fowler and Lance McGregor – each made $12,784. Britton and Drapala had the lowest expenses, $300 each, while McGregor claimed the most at $3,201.

There were six city employees who made more than $75,000 in salary and expenses with Stickney topping the list at $132,843 ($127,617 in salary; $5,226 in expenses). Equipment operator Rick Bronson was at the bottom with $75,109 ($999 in expenses).

The city paid $1,025,908 in salary and expenses to all staff in 2016.

The complete annual report can be found at the city’s website,