Coldstream offers fire help

With parts of B.C. on fire, Coldstream is willing to lend a hand.

Council has agreed to provide fire department resources for the provincial response to wildfires.

“I see this as sharing our much needed firefighting resources to areas affected by wildfire in a time of great need,” said Mayor Jim Garlick.

“We hope not, but we may be asking for the same kind of assistance in the future and must provide a helping hand where we can.”

Before resources are sent to other communities, the matter will be reviewed by Garlick and chief administrative officer Trevor Seibel in conjunction with the Coldstream and Lavington fire chiefs.

One issue to consider will be ensuring there are resources available to handle any emergencies in Coldstream.

“The chiefs are making sure that sufficient volunteers are on hand during times that some are away. We were assured that our resources have priority in Coldstream and can be recalled from wildfire duty at a moments notice,” said Garlick.

“We were also told that the province pays full and adequate compensation to Coldstream for the men and equipment being used to fight wildfires.”