Enderby and Vernon host march

March Against Monsanto Saturday @ 11 a.m. at the Vernon Museum and @noon in Enderby

  • Fri May 19th, 2017 1:30am
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Genetically modified crops will be the focus of an Enderby rally Saturday. (photo submitted)

Enderby and Vernon will both March Against Monsanto Saturday.

Vernon’s march takes place at 11 a.m. at the Vernon Museum, while the march in Enderby gets underway at noon next to the Enderby Seniors Complex.

They join concerned citizens from across the world in over 200 cities, all hitting the streets May 20 for the 6th Annual March Against Monsanto grass roots campaign.

“The global event will be raising public awareness about the increasing toxic food supply calling into question the long-term health and environmental effects of genetically modified foods and glyphosate, demanding genetically modified products to be labelled so consumers can make informed choices,” said local organizer Jason Ellinson. “Vernon citizens will be marching in solidarity with other Canadian cities to protect our seed security, food sovereignty and to protect our bees, apples and salmon.”

A focus on food security and the environment is also a priority in Enderby

“We stress the need for GMO products to be labeled so consumers can make informed decisions,” said Herman and Inger Drescher, who are among the organizers in Enderby.

“We have information to share and welcome those who’d like to learn more. All supporters are welcome to bring a sign and join the peaceful awareness march alongside the highway.”