Evacuation order issued

The evacuation order issued Sunday is for lots one to six at William Marchand Beach on Okanagan Indian Band lands

Several properties on Okanagan Indian Band lands are being impacted by a rising Okanagan Lake. (Facebook photo)

One neighbourhood on the Okanagan Indian Reserve is under evacuation order, while others may also have to leave.

The evacuation order issued Sunday is for lots one to six at William Marchand Beach.

“Residents are asked to register at the reception centre at the Village Green Hotel in Vernon,” said Byron Louis, Okanagan Indian Band chief.

An evacuation alert was issued Sunday for residents along the shoreline of Okanagan Lake in the following locations:

Willow Shore Road to include the civic addresses from one to 20 Willow Shore Road.

Alexis beach front property to include dwellings from 33 to 43

Bobby Marchand and adjacent Sandra Saddleman beachfront property – all dwellings on these properties

“Stay safe by keeping your distance from creek and river banks. These fast moving bodies of water are serious hazards,” said Louis.

“We are working together through this time to develop plans for how we will mobilize and manage the different types of services and volunteers needed to respond to identified flood situations during this state of emergency.”

Sand/sandbagging resources are available at:

• Head of the Lake Area – adjacent to the Icebox Arena;

• Public Works & Housing Building, 11505 Westside Road;

• Whiteman’s Creek – near the mailboxes north of the Parker Cove Restaurant.

Volunteers are filling sandbags for flood affected residents. More volunteers are needed to assist some property owners with transporting and setting up sandbags at their homes. Contact 250-542-7132 if you are able to assist.