Resident and firefighter stand over the after-math of a grass fire on the 100th block on Whistler Place on Thursday. Interim Chief David Lind said the residents were unhappy with the response time due to the crew being far away near predator ridge working on grass fires. (Bretany Tourout/Morning Star)

Firefighters respond to grass blaze

Grass fire started in the residential area on Whistler Place

Firefighters responded to a residential grass fire on the 100th block on Whistler Place.

Interim Chief of Vernon Fire Rescue Services (VFRS) David Lind said neighbours pulled together to distinguish the fire with their garden hoses.

“It was pretty much out by the time we got here. They did a great job,” said Lind.

Lind also said the residents were unsatisfied with the response time, but there was little the VFRS could do because they were working on grass fires near Predator Ridge.