Lumby flood cleanup begins

  • Thu Jun 22nd, 2017 6:00pm
  • News

With the risk of flooding subsided, Lumby is cleaning up.

The village has has entered into a recovery phase and will now focus on restoration efforts.

“This phase will include the implementation of a recovery plan, which the village has been working on with assistance from the province,” said Jeremy Sundin, chief financial officer.

“At this time, the village is ready to begin collecting and disposing of the tens of thousands of sandbags that were placed during the response phase. Many of these will contain contaminated material and so proper handling and disposal will be critical.”

The provincial government is providing a work team to assist with the sandbag removal efforts, which is expected to begin Friday.

A short wall bin will be placed at the Lumby Curling Club parking lot (2230 Shields Ave.) for disposal of sandbags.

“Residents may dispose of their own sandbags in this bin,” said Sundin.

“Those handling sandbags are encouraged to wear protective gloves if contamination from the floodwaters is suspected.”

The timeframe for completion of the recovery efforts is not known, but Sundin says the village will work diligently to return the community to a normal state.

“Lumby officials and staff appreciate the patience and understanding residents continue to display as the community emerges from this difficult event,” he said.