Mayor Kevin Acton had a wage and expenses of $28,220 in 2016. (Morning Star file photo)

Lumby salaries revealed

Compensation is being defended for Lumby’s civic employees.

The 2016 annual report shows that $1,294,380 was paid out to all staff in salaries and expenses.

“Once every 11 years, there’s an extra pay period. That accounts for close to 20 per cent of the increase,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

Also in 2016, the village opted to hire an engineer for water and sewer projects instead of using a consultant.

“There were savings to the village,” said Acton.

Of the staff, five earned more than $75,000, with chief administrative officer Tom Kadla leading the pack at $141,059 in wages and expenses.

Remuneration has also been revealed for the five members of council.

Acton had a wage and expenses of $28,220 in 2016 while there was $12,901 for Coun. Nick Hodge, $12,647 for Coun. Lori Mindnich, $12,811 for Coun. Randal Ostafichuk and $12,537 for Coun. Julie Pilon.