Lumby tackles fire risk

With wildfires burning across the province, action is being taken to minimize the threat in Lumby.

Village crews recently removed potential ignition sources — dead branches and pine needles — from Cedar Ridge Park.

“The park adjoins a forested area and it’s next to a residential area,” said Jeremy Sundin, chief financial officer.

“It’s been identified as a risk if a fire started and began to spread.”

The project took about three days to complete because work ended at 1 p.m. daily because of the hot temperatures and the potential for a fire.

“A lot of brush was taken out and it looks beautiful now. The area has really been cleaned up,” said Sundin.

With so many wildfires occurring across the province, Lumby is garnering praise for being proactive.

“A resident called and said, ‘You did a good job.’ They appreciated the project,” said Sundin.