Marijuana process frustrating

There’s growing frustration among some municipalities over the lack of clarity of legalizing marijuana.

Enderby council received a report Monday from the Union of B.C. Municipalities on local government attitudes towards the legalization and regulation of marijuana in Canada.

“The fearful part is they (Ottawa) haven’t thought it through and the (enforcement) impact will fall through on municipalities,” said Mayor Greg McCune.

“For our community, the impact of the cost (for bylaw officers and police) could be devastating.”

As part of its report, UBCM surveyed member jurisdictions and received input on the medical and recreational marijuana.

As a result, UBCM wants meaningful consultation with the provincial government on a new legalized regime.

“Provincial and federal governments refrain from downloading responsibilities on local governments without providing adequate funding and resources,” it states.

“That local government jurisdiction and authority be respected by federal and provincial governments, with consideration towards providing local governments flexibility for regulating certain aspects of a new regime (eg. personal cultivation, retail sales, zoning requirements).”

Recently, Enderby council adopted a bylaw that prevent retail marijuana sales within 100 metres of any residential zone, daycare facility, preschool, playground, community centre, school, park, civic or religious institution or any use catering to individuals under age 18.

Enderby is also moving ahead with zoning amendments to regulate the production of medical marijuana.