Mayor highlights poverty

Kevin Acton walked in the footsteps of many Lumby residents over the weekend.

From Friday night to Sunday evening, the village’s mayor didn’t eat anything as a way of raising funds for the Whitevalley Community Resource Centre and increasing awareness about poverty.

“The problem isn’t going away,” said Acton, who camped along Highway 6 for the fourth year in a row and raised $2,900.

“We need to keep it in people’s faces. There are people really struggling.”

Acton, who only drank water and two cups of coffee, visited with residents who dropped by to donate funds.

“There was an awesome response from the community,” he said.

“It was a great opportunity to explain to the public about what Whitevalley does. They offer a hand to people who slip through the cracks.”

WCRC services include counselling for adults and families, addictions counselling, after-school activities, Kid’s Zone in Cherryville, summer day camps, toddler programs, cooking classes for those on a budget, seniors drop-in, health information for seniors, Good Food Box and Internet access.

The funds will go towards an endowment, with the interest helping provide financial stability to the non-profit agency.

Acton admits the federal and provincial governments need to do more about poverty, but he insists part of the solution is local.

“They (WCRC) are there to keep the community health and officials in Victoria and Ottawa can’t see what’s happening in the community. It’s good to have the community involved because it’s helping our neighbours,” he said.

To donate, call 250-547-8866 or go to