The BX-Swan Lake Fire Department doused an early-morning house fire Sunday on Spartan Road. Despite damage to the exterior of the home, the occupants were able to return to their beds. (Jennifer Smith/Morning Star)

Mom saves the day

Quick action by mom saves BX home from fire early Sunday morning

A keen nose and quick action by a BX mom, saved her home from fire early Sunday morning.

BX-Swan Lake fire crews were called to a structure fire on Spartan Road at 1 a.m.

”She was downstairs and she smelled smoke,” said assistant chief Stephen Hidasi. “She ran upstairs and saw the fire out the patio door and she started to extinguish it after calling 911.

“Her fast action is what saved it from progressing to the attic.”

After doing what she could, the woman grabbed her two most prized possessions and sought out a safe place until fire crews arrived.

“She did exactly what she should’ve, she took her child and her dog and waited in the car,” Hidasi praised.

Damage was contained mainly to the exterior of the home and where the deck joins the structure.

“A bit of the frame of the house was impacted so that will have to be restored,” said Hidasi, adding that the homeowner has insurance. “But the family was able to return home so they were not displaced. The homeowner was very grateful for us, and we were very grateful for her.”

While a cause of the blaze has not been determined, crews suspect a frayed extension cord is the culprit.

“It’s a reminder to check your cords and don’t cover extension cords with rugs for safety,” said Hidasi.

Aside from this structure fire and the recent Spallumcheen wildfire, crews haven’t been overly busy.

“People are being diligent in our area about fire safety,” said Hidasi, noting that the campfire ban includes briquettes.

Residents are urged to continue to be proactive during this time of extreme fire hazard.

“Be aware of potential risks, like if you’re using equipment in a dry field, like a weed eater, even in your own backyard, have an extinguisher on hand.”