Ranch makes way for industrial expansion

Lavington’s Burno Rock Products growing

Burnco Rock Products is expanding operations into Coldstream Ranch lands.

The Lavington facility has long been leasing portion of agricultural land from the ranch and will soon be able to purchase the Ricardo Road property.

“It’s never been used for agriculture,” said Ted Osborn, Coldstream Ranch’s director of projects. “It’s always been a little orphan.”

The approximately one-acre section of land between Highway 6 and Burnco is currently part of a larger 7.5 acre parcel of agricultural land. Therefore a subdivision application is being made to allow for the split.

In 2015, the agricultural land commission agreed to a similar subdivision of this area, noting the land south of the railway no longer has good capability for agriculture because of the historical disturbance of the soils and adjacent non-farm (industrial) uses.

The land is already designated as industrial.

The move will also benefit District of Coldstream plans to widen and upgrade Ricardo Road between the highway and the railway.