Sewer lines could eventually be extended farther into Okanagan Landing. (Justin Burnett/The Record)

Sewer plans proceed

Vernon council agreed Monday to proceed with sewer for a number of properties in Okanagan Landing

A long-anticipated service could finally move into a Vernon neighbourhood.

City council agreed Monday to proceed with sewer for a number of properties in Okanagan Landing.

“I’ve been keen on getting sewer out there,” said Coun. Juliette Cunningham.

Okanagan Landing joined the city in 1993 and while there were promises made at the time about sewer, many existing subdivisions are still on septic systems.

“Some people are anxious. These subdivisions were established 30 to 40 years ago and the lifespan of a septic system isn’t forever,” said Cunningham, adding that sewer will also be good for water quality as septic doesn’t enter Okanagan Lake.

There are currently about 825 properties across 17 subdivisions developed prior to 1993 boundary that are not connected to sewer.

The majority of these properties (675) are located in nine subdivisions east of the Vernon arm of Okanagan Lake. The remaining 150 are predominantly lakeshore and hillside properties surrounding the Vernon arm.

Property owners will be asked if they want to enter into a service area to receive sewer. If they do, they would pay to have sewer brought to their property line — the total cost is about $18.2 million and the cost per property is $23,402 although that could vary from $21,039 to $33,299 depending on the specific service area.

Costs could be reduced if the city is successful in receiving senior government grants.

Beyond covering the cost of bringing the sewer connection to their property line, residents would be responsible individually for extending the pipe from the property line to their home.

Cunningham admits sewer could be a significant investment for residents.

“It’s also expensive if your septic system fails,” she said.

It could possibly take upwards of 10 years for all of the properties to be connected to sewer.