Speed bumps stalled

Coldstream’s plans to install traffic calming measure hit a bump in the road

Traffic calming measures have hit a bump in the road in Coldstream.

Plans to install speed bumps on Sage Drive were initiated at the end of June after residents petitioned for the safety feature.

But now additional neighbours have petitioned against them.

“I just don’t see a need for speed bumps on there. I don’t see speeders on there,” said Rod Townsley, who collected more than 70 signatures from area neighbours who do not want the traffic calming features. “People were actually very, very upset when I went around and couldn’t wait to sign.”

Meanwhile there are at least 19 people who signed the initial petition to have the speed bumps installed who say otherwise.

“I feel these traffic calming measures are extremely important,” said Sage Drive resident Lesley Hayes, who sees cars speed and pass kids waiting at the crosswalk. “Isn’t the safety of our children the most important thing?”

Resident Geoff Bodnar, who presented the initial petition for the speed bumps, says those that signed have each had near misses due to speeding vehicles on Sage, which is near Kidston Elementary, as well as Kalamalka Secondary.

“One hit is one hit too many, one accident is one accident too many,” said Bodnar. “We are just trying to find a solution to slow these cars down.”

Coldstream has agreed to install a speed reader on Sage Drive and check the speeds of motorists to see if speed bumps are warranted.

“We’d like some more information,” said Mayor Jim Garlick. “We’re not going out tomorrow and installing asphalt on the ground.”

Speed bumps would cost approximately $12,000. Other options staff have looked at is a sidewalk from Coldstream Creek Road to Creekside Park.

Enhanced police presence in the area is also being sought.

But if all fails, some say Coldstream needs to do something to ensure resident safety.

“If enforcement doesn’t work or isn’t a priority, we still have to look at the solution of making this a safe street for all of us,” said long-time resident John Richey.