Vernon issues wind warning

Vernon residents along Okanagan Lake are being told to hang on tight.

Environment Canada is forecasting wind gusts of up to 60 kilometres an hour Thursday afternoon and into Friday, with a 60 per cent chance of rain showers Thursday afternoon.

“Rain and heavy winds may increase the likelihood of flooding along Okanagan Lake. This risk is highest along shores exposed to the south,” said Tanya Laing Gahr, with the City of Vernon.

“The evacuation alert for residents on both sides of Lakeshore Road (from 2548 to 2688) and 6999 Cummins Rd. is still in effect until further notice.”

The city has taken temporary flood protection measures to protect strategic locations along Lakeshore Road. Lake access sites along Okanagan Lake remain open with the exception of Lakeshore Road.

“Homeowners are responsible for ensuring that their homes are protected during an emergency event,” said Laing Gahr.

“Owners are encouraged to check their flood protection measures in advance of the strong winds that are forecasted as wave action can undermine flood protection measures.”

Sandbags and sand for emergency flooding can be picked up at the following locations:

Outside operations main entrance at 1900 – 48th Ave. off of Pleasant Valley Road

4005 Pleasant Valley Rd.

Corner of Okanagan Avenue and Okanagan Landing Road (across from Marshall Fields)

Okanagan Hills Boulevard and Bella Vista Road intersection (entrance to the Rise community)

8974 Okanagan Landing Rd.

2605 Lakeshore Rd.