Wildfire protest continues

Residents of an area near Falkland continue to target potential wildfires.

A group of women have spent the long weekend keeping vehicles from going up the Kelly Main Forest Service Road, off of Yankee Flats Road, because of the fire risk.

“Even though the Ministry of Forests had shut the area to ATVs, dirt bikes, etc., we decided to stay on the road,” said resident Pat Peebles.

“It is good that we did because there were people who surely would have gone off road if we had not been there. The general public have been very supportive and many stopped by with compliments and hugs.”

On Saturday night, two people in a pickup drove by the residents, then went off road and went up the Kelly Main road.

“We reported this to a fire warden, and fortunately a warden was in our area and responded in a few minutes. He was able to locate the people, identify them, and had them leave the area,” said Peebles.

“We were very glad because we thought this could have been the start of a party group. There often groups of partiers in this area. The fire warden assured us that this area will now be checked several times daily throughout this fire season.”

The residents have asked that the Kelly Main road be closed but the ministry has not done so, although the operation of any off-road vehicle for recreational purposes on Crown land is prohibited.