A tale of many cities

Recently, we took a trip from Vernon to Smithers, which lasted eight days. We noticed that in all of the cities along the highway, there were many traffic lights while entering the towns.

Everyone drove nicely and obeyed the signs and light signals, and not one accident.

Why can’t Vernon put up one light at Stickle Road?

All of the cities have wonderful tourist information booths with ample and comfortable parking.

Also, many cities have maintained and added flowers for enhancement to their Expo ‘86 entrance. Did anyone notice that ours has been shovelled out entirely now, and over the years, had not been taken care of?

Way to go Vernon. We noticed one more thing on our travels. Why are our highways in terrible condition with no or very few lines?

Yes, there is a lot of construction happening all over the province, but there is not road construction going on in our area, except for some menial patchwork which seems to be in every area surrounding Vernon.

I am not sure how this is happening in our area, but it seems very strange that we live in a beautiful city, but for some reason, our city is not taken care of.

We all must wonder why and how this continues to happen year after year. We do have elections like all other cities, but we might as well cancel them also.

The next time you travel outside of Vernon, pay attention to the other cities as you pass through and notice how well taken care of they appear to be.

It is a shame that there is very little progress is taking place in our little jewel in the valley.

Sheila Nesbith