Calm Kal Lake

Absence of boaters makes for peaceful waters

One of the benefits from the high water in the lakes and closed boat launches is that for the few paddlers that have been out on the water during this time, we have been able to have calm water, peaceful days and no waves to contend with. To be on Kalamalka Lake at 5 p.m. on a Friday night and to paddle to Cosens Bay for dinner on the beach, and not see or hear a single power boat, have a single wake to rock us or no noise from 300 watt stereos blasting across the water is probably an experience we will only ever have this one time in our lives. Recently, there were a couple boats on the lake and I’m sure it will be back to the normal mayhem of tunes, wakes and exhaust. If you have had a chance to experience the peacefulness of Kalamalka or Okanagan Lake during these periods, you’re one of the lucky few. For those that haven’t, you may never have this opportunity in your lifetime again.

Jeff McSweeney, Vernon