What can we learn from our billions in funding of the CBC? We can learn some weird math, such as when $90,000 is more than $1,000,000,000. It’s apparently more for the CBC when it broadcasts details of the $90,000 Senator Duffy scandal almost daily for two years while totally ignoring the Ontario Liberals’ billion-dollar gas plant scandal.

We can also learn when 100 is greater than 20,000.

It’s apparently more for the CBC when it televises any 100 or so leftist demonstrators while ignoring the 20,000 pro-lifers at the annual March For Life in Ottawa, or for that matter, the almost 500,000 at the annual March For Life In Washington, D.C.

In the CBC’s typical glowing report of a leftist group, they conveniently neglected to mention their chants about killing cops.

The CBC is, however, fair and balanced when it covers American politics. It balances its 100 per cent positive coverage of Democrats with 100 per cent negative coverage of Republicans.

And, what’s the consequence of presenting totally dishonest programming – it’s to receive an increase in funding from our taxes.

Donald John