Change is possible

Just like the continuing saga of the great Vernon bypass, the constant stream of “I know better” plans to the Stickle Road intersection continues.

That, and the plethora of facts and figures from sidewalk superintendents too numerous to quote is becoming too much to take.

Restrict left-hand turns and disallow drivers to exit Stickle Road to go south on Highway 97. Axe the 20th Street Extension, leave the wetlands alone and save the money to fight next year’s wildfires.

That new seniors’ facility behind Walmart at 58th Avenue and 20th Street, where you or your parents may one day live and walk, will love it.

Besides, the drive down Pleasant Valley Road to get back to downtown Vernon, with fewer waits at traffic lights, should ease you out of that, “faster faster, me first,” frame of mind.

I grew up on East Hill, and when the city said they were going to put in a roundabout at Pleasant Valley Road and 32nd Avenue, I complained vociferously and wanted it left alone.

Alas, against my better judgement, the city installed it anyway.

But I said to myself, “I can adapt,” and sure enough, we all have.

Great day in the morning, imagine that.

John Raikes