City taxes

Is anyone else shocked by their 2017 Vernon property tax increase?

We didn’t appeal our 13.7 per cent increase in the B.C. Assessment value because we’ve always been led to believe the municipality simply adjusts the mill rate to ensure that the average homeowner’s annual property tax increase is within the customary one to three per cent range.

But our 2017 property taxes have increased by an astounding 31.7 per cent over the 2016 rate.

Between 2015 and 2017, our property taxes have increased an eye-popping 42.9 per cent.

If we had added a room, finished a basement, or gold-plated the walls, perhaps the increase could be explained.

But our home is virtually unchanged, to Mrs. R’s regret, for the 25 years we’ve lived here.

Que pasa?

Don Rollins