Our Conservative member of Parliament, Mel Arnold, recently sent out his MP Report from Ottawa.

He wants to hear about what issues are important to his constituents.

Some very obvious and urgent issues are the overdose/health care crisis, the homeless crisis and the climate change crisis (spring floods and fires).

The only problem is that the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) isn’t interested in any of these modern-day issues.

For example, Rona Ambrose as health minister, made it nearly impossible to open safe injection sites.

How many unnecessary deaths were a result?

When in power, the CPC worked to reduce benefits that help people avoid poverty/homelessness (cuts to Old Age Security).

And the CPC has made it very clear it doesn’t believe in or support efforts to protect the environment or deal with climate change.

So, given that Mr. Arnold belongs to a party that doesn’t seem to care about the problems facing the people of this riding, what is the point of talking to him?

What could he possibly do to help us?

B. Cousins