Consider options

It seems to me that mayors Jim Garlick and Akbal Mund should pull their heads out of the Kal Beach sand. Not rebuilding the pier should not be an option.

How hard is it to catch someone doing illegal activities at the end of a dock? They can’t run. Once again, the few ruin it for the many. Now it has been obvious for years that if something seems hard, our local politicians are happy to look the other way. If it’s something they think will get them re-elected, they are on it.

Why do you not encourage artisans to set up on the dock and in some places on the beach? Have a musician on the corner of the dock or someone at the end of the dock doing face painting and maybe someone selling water shoes. This will encourage people to walk around and check things out. This will also discourage people from doing illegal activities on the dock during normal beach hours.

If artisans aren’t your thing, I am sure there are other ways to get people to use the dock and push out the ones you are trying to eliminate. Now, your only issue is what to do after hours. I am sure every suggestion will be too costly. After all, security will take away from another parking lot or sports facility. I’m not saying you have to hire a security guard. Maybe put out video cameras.

Please think about it before reacting. That dock has been a long-time fixture in Vernon/Coldstream. I was born here and remember a dock always being here, and I am pushing 50. If you get rid of it, it could be another 50 years until someone has the thought to put in another one. That would be one of the worst legacies you two mayors could leave us.

Dana Gawne