Details sought on serviceman

I am in search of a Second World War Canadian serviceman from Vernon, Maurice LeFrancois.

I stumbled upon an obituary in your newspaper that almost certainly refers to “our” Canadian. This man was lodged for a few days at my parents place, in the town of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands in February 1945.

He then departed for what is known as the Battle of the Reichswald.

I read in the obit that he died in the Alexander Centre, and my question is, if you can tell me about the centre in the hope that they might know more about his relatives?

Maurice has always been subject of my parents’ worries, especially my mom who has tried to find out about his fate after he left. After she died, we found letters of inquiry, never to be answered.

There is this iconic picture we cherish in the family. It shows Maurice with my sister on his arm. I sit on my mom’s arm. The man and boy are neighbours.

Hopefully you are willing to help me out. It would be wonderful if eventually this picture can be shown to maybe his sisters, still alive at the time of the obit but maybe not so anymore.

Waiting in big hopes.

Lili Pasteur