Ditches ignored

Well, the floods in Armstrong are but a faint memory except for those that were affected. Some houses won’t be ready for living in until October.

Of course this flooding need not have happened in the first place if regular maintenance of the drainage ditches was carried out.

The drainage channel by the fairgrounds is a disgrace. Maybe the powers that be consider it cheaper to get insurance companies to pay for house flood repairs than spending money on maintaining drainage ditches.

Another factor is the Ministry of Environment may have seen, or have reported to them, a fish in the drainage ditch.

We must now disturb a few fish just to protect a few homes. They would ignore the fact that a clean drainage ditch would encourage fish worthy of providing some support.

Now is the time to clean those drainage ditches. But with the speed in which politicians move, that won’t happen for another five years and many flooded homes.

Arthur Cayford