EDITORIAL: Potholes must be tackled

Some potholes are likely so deep in rural Enderby they could be stocked with trout.

However, hitting one of the craters isn’t a laughing matter as serious, and expensive, damage can be done to vehicles, while there is a safety risk as motorists try to avoid them and swerve into the other lane.

Phone calls have been coming from one end of the electoral area to the other (Mabel Lake to Mara).

“We’ve got lots of potholes everywhere. It’s a disaster,” said director Herman Halvorson.

“Many roads are in all kinds of trouble.”

In some cases, there are potholes four to six inches deep on the Enderby-Mabel Lake Road, gateway to the resort community at Mabel Lake and a significant economic contributor to the region during the summer.

Halvorson has urged the Ministry of Transportation to do more than simply patch the potholes as the overall integrity of the roads must be a priority. However, limited action is occurring because of the back and forth and Victoria and no one truly sure who will form government.

And that situation is unacceptable as residents who depend on their vehicles should not be impacted by politics. The business of the people still needs to happen.

Of course the pothole problem doesn’t just exist in rural Enderby. Anywhere the ministry is responsible for roads there are challenges, including residential roads in Cherryville, the BX and rural Lumby as well as highways 97, 97A and 97B.

The Ministry of Transportation, no matter who is in charge, needs to get busy.