Employee safety important

As flags fly at half-mast at all Tolko divisions today, we honour the memory of those whose lives have been lost or hurt in the workplace, and those who have suffered work-related illnesses.

On the National Day of Mourning, organizations across Canada will remember workers who have died, and workers among us who are injured or ill. Tolko recognizes the significance of this day, and understands that despite the highest standards in safety protocols and training, people can still become injured, or worse.

In 2016, 144 people died from workplace injury or disease in B.C. That number was the same in Alberta last year, and in Saskatchewan, another 31 workers lost their lives. Many more people were left to mourn their loved ones.

At Tolko, our people are our most important resource, and nothing is more important than their personal safety. What that really means at our mills and sites across Western Canada is that we want everyone to go home safely to their families at the end of every day.

So, while the National Day of Mourning asks us all to remember those who have fallen, it’s also a powerful reminder to the rest of us to be safe, to look out for colleagues and to think of safety as everyone’s job.

The best way for us to honour the memory of those workers who have died is to commit to working together to prevent injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the workplace.

On the National Day of Mourning, please take a moment to join us as we remember workers here in B.C. and across Canada who have become ill, injured and lost their lives in the workplace.

Tolko Industries