Farm noise remains a concern

I am responding to two letters published in The Morning Star July 19 regarding cherry orchards submitted by Ritchie Leslie and R. Payne. I always feel it is best to present cold, hard facts, then let folks make up their own minds.

This letter is written to present some cold, hard facts and to enlighten folks about reality.

We live on Highway about 500 to 800 metres from cherry orchards and about two kilometres from the Warren Road orchards. What I present to you is our reality.

For three summers, we have been assaulted by helicopters and pesticide sprayers with a noise level unimaginable by any one not living here.

Our lives from May to late fall have been made almost unbearable by the noise generated by the above several times a week and at all hours of the day and night, robbing us of sleep and evenings outside on patios.

This is nothing remotely resembling a rural life, one of the major reasons for choosing to live in Coldstream and Lavington.

The cherries grown and harvested for the Asian market, not ours.

The workers are not employees from our valley and contribute just about nothing to the Coldstream financial base.

I do not know where R. Payne lives but for him to state that he hears a helicopter six to seven times a year depending on the weather, I cordially invite him to our house any day after the rain stops and endure up four helicopters at a time, at tree level, from pre-dawn onwards drying the dear little cherries going to Asia or to endure the screaming of the sprayers virtually every night from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. For three, summers this is our life.

We are beyond miserable.

We have protested about the noise of the sprayers and the helicopters to Coldstream mayor and council, MLA Eric Foster and sent letters to the newspaper, all with little to no support or action.

We may be forced to sell our beloved home but who in their right mind would ever buy it to live in this kind of environment?

As I have to all folks who need to know, I invite any one to visit us for a reality check. Coffee will be served and seating provided.

I do not understand why we have no rights.

I have no desire to congratulate any entrepreneur who is destroying our quality of life

Shirley Pommier