Good citizen

Recently, our Starting Block Running Club was nearing completion of our regular Thursday evening five-kilometre run when one of our experienced members fainted from heat exhaustion.

This runner and I were at the back of our group and so I helped him lay on a nearby park bench to recover, although I had no water to give him at this point.

Fortunately, a stranger by the name of Dave stopped to ask if we needed help and he kindly gave us two bottles of cold water that helped to greatly cool and rehydrate my friend. Dave stayed with us and was able to give good advice on how to treat someone for heat exhaustion.

Soon, we were able to transport this runner where he was given more aid and eventually able to return home.

I want to give a big thank you to Dave for assisting complete strangers who were in need of help.

It’s people like you Dave who make Vernon a great city.

Eric Elle

Starting Block Running Club