Great country

We are so lucky to be living in what many people consider the best country in the world.

If all we have to complain about is noisy aircraft, power boats, rainbow crosswalks and traffic congestion, we have it made.

Compare that to the circus in the U.S. which keeps CNN on the air. When our political leaders travel, they are treated with respect by most other world leaders even when disagreements arise. True leadership on the world stage.

Our medical system is not perfect but I do not know of anyone in Canada that has gone bankrupt trying to pay for basic medical care.

It really astounds our American friends that we get no bill when leaving our hospital and can see the doctor of our choice. I think, and so do many others, that Senator Bernie Sanders has the right approach, but no one in the lower 48 want to listen to reason, compromise and common sense.

In the meantime, let’s keep complaining how badly off we are compared to the elephant next door.

Mike Kinnear