Homelessness must be addressed

As I sit here reading the letter Issue ignored in The Morning Star, I recall having sent a letter to a councillor last year about homelessness.

I mentioned how Medicine Hat has a homelessness law in place. I was told we do not qualify. Why, I don’t know. I don’t understand. What is the reason we don’t qualify as a city to house the less fortunate in a proper way?

As Garhen Martwig stated, look at Regina and what they put into place. Why can’t our city open its eyes and take a close look at programs that work.

Shoving the homeless here and there is no answer. Putting them in a public park where your average city dweller or tourist wishes to visit, but are skeptical now that this is happening, is not the answer either.

I agree with Martwig, let us get together and find a solution that would satisfy everyone. We need to share, listen, debate and come to some kind of solution. Alone, one cannot do it. It takes a community.

I am ashamed that our mayor, councillors, churches and congregations that do not seem willing to get together.

Are we not capable of lending a hand and getting together to find solutions? Are we Christians? Even if we are not, are we not responsible, caring, kind and helpful citizens or are all of these humanitarian actions done for only those we know, love and are comfortable with?

Perhaps it is time to get out of our comfort zone and think and really act towards lending a helping hand to our needy neighbours in a productive way.

M.G. Girard