In response

I just sat down to read letters to the editor and I see Mark Sladen has again written a letter of controversy over the controversy regarding the controversy of the rainbow crosswalk. I read this letter three times. It seems that Mr. Sladen has focused on the controversy that has been stirred up by Mayor Jim Garlick’s statement that the crosswalk is inclusive for all but is sure that it will create controversy. In this statement, I believe Garlick is focusing right on you Mr Sladen.

By your tone and your wording and the fact that you just can’t let go of this issue, it seems you have a problem with demographics you dislike. The vast majority of us get warm butterflies when we finally see it’s OK to be out as it puts to bed the majority of conflict and bad feelings surrounding an issue most of us don’t have a problem with. It’s such a simple thing delivering a freight train of a message.

The paint is dry and it will dry once again. They should paint a big V over the next one for victory.

Jeff Hopewell