In response

In an open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, Mike Wright complains that senior, straight, non-indigenous, non-Metis voters have been completely ignored.

I would argue that his demographic has had the ear of government for 150 years. Until recent history, primarily privileged, older white men have been the only elected MPs in Canada.

Now the pendulum has swung to include the rights of other Canadians and Wright feels left out. As well, he states his quality of life has not continued to improve but he is being two-bitted to death by continuously rising prices and added taxation.

What makes this country a great place to live is that we have chosen to include all people.

Canadians have, over time, decided that trying to make positive change is a worthwhile endeavor and citizens who have been long ignored now have the lens of government focused upon them. These positive changes cost money.

Wright isn’t sure how his life has been improved by the incentives of the Trudeau government. Our lives are always enhanced by the presence of divergent peoples and ideas.

Personally, I would thank Trudeau for looking toward positive social and environmental change. I’m tried of people who have more than most in the world whining, “poor me.”

Please remember, if you live in Canada, you have already won the lottery.

Mr. Wright, don’t begrudge others getting the rights you have enjoyed for 71 years.

Brent Applegath