Kal Pier

Mayors Garlick and Mund, are you going to let a few people who break the law by fighting and drinking on the pier at Kal Lake determine whether or not to keep the dock? How much thought or discussion went into that idea?

Do you know that thousands of law abiding citizens use and enjoy that pier every summer?

To Mr. Garlick, you said, “hordes of people on the dock could be intimidating to the bylaw and RCMP.” Since when do lawbreakers intimidate RCMP officers? Do they not encounter confrontations every day in their line of work? Are they not supposed to attend to situations where the law is being broken?

To Mr. Mund, you said, “If people don’t want to use the dock for what it was intended for, we should remove it.”

Again, I repeat, thousands of people, use it for what it was intended for and a few misuse it.

Should those few who misuse it determine whether or not to keep the pier?

In my opinion, this is not a very well thought out statement to be on the front page of the newspaper.

The amount of people who use this pier far outnumber the ones who abuse it and if you remove the dock will this stop people from fighting and drinking at Kal Beach?

Mary Hennessy