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As the designer of the "Science of 9/11" display graciously hosted at the Vernon library this September, I was surprised by Mr. Polnicky's recent letter.

The display in question made references to documented scientific facts of the 9/11 building collapses, elementary physics concepts taught to high school students and simple scientific analysis that proves the official story of 9/11 is false. Nowhere in Mr. Polnicky's letter are these facts and analysis discussed.

I assure you all that I am not a "crackpot."

I am trained in the scientific method, have university science degrees and am a member of Scientists for 9/11 Truth. Crackpots reject science. I embrace science.

How is the science in the display incorrect? If the display contained errors, someone competent in science must know why and can easily explain why without cutting themselves on Occam's razor. I will gladly publicly debate any scientist, science teacher or structural engineer in the Vernon area (or all of Canada for that matter) about the scientific topics contained in the display. Crackpots on the other hand run away from focused rational debate.

Do the majority of scientists really disagree with what was in the display? I have not been able to find one scientist who will debate me on this matter. Perhaps you will have better luck. Not one scientist anywhere is the world has ever been able to explain the free-fall period of building seven. Additionally, not one scientist has ever been able to counter the observation that the official theory of how WTC 7 came down violates basic laws of physics. The display used science alone to attack the official 9/11 myth. Crackpots in comparison attack others instead of their arguments.

I urge everyone to visit www.vernon911truth.org site to see the "offending" display for themselves and not rely on emotional arguments to decide what constitutes truth.

I am sorry that some people are offended by science. People that believed the sun revolved around the Earth were offended by Galileo's evidence to the contrary.

Those who believed the Earth was flat were undoubtedly offended by the evidence from seafarers that showed it was in fact round. I am not offended by science but do find political pandering and censorship to be exceptionally offensive.

Michael Fullerton, founder,

Vernon 9/11 Truth






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