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Protest planned

Last year, Sylvia Browne performed in Kelowna. I see that she's returning to the area, with a visit to Vernon April 2. Browne calls herself a psychic and claims to be able to communicate with the dead and with angels.

There is no reason to believe she is doing anything other than performing deceptive tricks. And these tricks are not just "harmless entertainment."

The $95 tickets, which allow the ticket-holder to ask a question, quickly sold out.

For one example of Sylvia Browne failing to be psychic on national TV, search for "Sylvia Browne 9/11" on YouTube. Browne claims to know that a grieving woman's deceased boyfriend is "in water," which is why his body was never found. The boyfriend was a firefighter who died in the 9/11 attack.

In 2003, she agreed on Larry King Live to take part in a scientific test to prove her psychic powers. If the test were successful, and she were shown to be psychic, she would win $1 million prize money from the James Randi Educational Foundation. She has repeatedly avoided taking part in the test. Why would that be? Perhaps because she knows she will fail the test.

The Okanagan branch of the Centre for Inquiry will be protesting the presence of Sylvia Browne outside the Vernon Performing Arts Centre April 2. Please drop by if you'd like to learn more or join in the protest.

Zena Ryder,

Centre for Inquiry - Okanagan branch


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