Men’s health a priority

The Vernon Prostate Cancer Support and Awareness Group extends a sincere and hearty thank you to all adults, children and pets who participated in the Do It For Dad walk and run over the past 17 years.

Thanks to you, more than $375,000 was raised and it has been, or will be, used at Vernon Jubilee Hospital for equipment and screening associated with prostate cancer in men.

The annual Father’s Day event is well remembered as a time for families to spend a pleasant time together walking and running at Coldstream Ranch. We are saddened to say that this popular event has reached its end time.

The Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation is now promoting a men’s wellness campaign with emphasis on prostate cancer and cardiac health matters and we ask for your support.

In closing, may we remind all men that both these diseases are silent killers and are best attacked by early screening. PSA vouchers for a free prostate cancer screening are available at the VJH Foundation office at the hospital.

The past 17 years have taught us that the best advocates for men’s health are their spouses. Keep up the good work ladies.

Men, remember that prostate cancer is known to be a genetic disease so ensure that your sons are self-advocating for healthy living.

Vernon Prostate Cancer Support and Awareness Group